Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wexley goes Enviro-Mental

A lot of people and corporations are all about going "green" or "eco-friendly" or "earth-friendly" these days. But that only does so much for the earth. Seriously are the polar ice caps getting any larger now that we've started recycling? No. So, we're taking a stand and taking this to a new environmental level. The level of Enviro-Mental: That's because we're crazy about the earth. We love it. So if you want to mess with the earth, you better be prepared to bring it through Wexley. That's right we are going to save the earth by going absolutely mentally crazy on people who want to destroy it. We will use telepathy. We will use mind melds. We will use quantum brain physics and neuro-molecular particle wave distribution. We will use science and geography and algebra to take back the earth. You watch in the next few days or weeks if someone throws a can in the trash, we will now feel it through our WexlESP and we will send brain waves to that person through Wexley transmitters we are currently installing in Cleveland and Nicaragua which will bounce off the transmitters and into the brains of the earth litterer. That person will be reduced to the size of the trash in which he/she was about to throw away. The wrong way. So justice is served and the planet is safe. Also, that brain wave would pick up the trash that was placed in the wrong spot and recycle it. That is going Enviro-mental. And that is the Wexley way.